With the merge of the Xbox and Zune services and Microsoft Accounts (Windows Live IDs) becoming centric in most of Microsoft services, the company finally heard our complaints and are now accepting account region migration. To do so, sign into the website with your Microsoft Account, go to "My Account" and then go to "Change Xbox account region".

The LocaliZune project is now obsolete.

LocaliZune lets users to sign in into Zune Software with a Zune account localized in another country than their computer current location. 

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The issue it resolves

A recurrent issue with Zune accounts is that it is definitely assigned to a country and Zune software prevent you from connecting to your Zune account if the system current location is not the same as the Zune account country. This is kind of annoying because the only solution is to recreate a new Live ID with a Zune account localized in the same country as your computer and really you do not want to manage more than one Live ID.

The error given by Zune Software is: "The location setting for your Windows Live ID doesn't match the setting for your computer (<country>)."

How it resolves it

Changing your system current location would work but it is kind of ridicule to have your system localized to United States when you live in, let's say... in Sweden! As a better workaround, LocaliZune lets you chose the country location in which you want to launch the Zune software so it matches your Zune account country location without changing your system settings. You can finally use your foreign Zune account and keep your system set to whatever country you live in.


By making this project I hope the Zune team, which did such a great job with this software, will finally admit that by sticking Zune accounts to a single country, they also broke the main purpose of having a Live ID, that is, providing a powerful SSO solution (Single Sign-On) for Windows Live services (Xbox Live, Messenger, Hotmail, Zune, MSDN, ... cannot count them).



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