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How to configure and use LocaliZune


Before using LocaliZune, you first need to configure it. To do so, go in the Windows Start menu and launch “LocaliZune Settings” application




Then select the location of your Zune account from the drop-down menu

It is unlikely, but if you did a custom installation of Zune Software you can select the path to the application installation folder

If your computer is not really fast, the LocaliZune console might close before the Zune Software starts, therefore the Live ID login will fail. If you are in this case, increase the LocaliZune shutdown delay parameter.




Finally, to launch the Zune Software using your custom account location settings, just launch the “LocaliZune” application from the Windows Start, just where you launched the settings editor




A console should appear and the Zune Software will launch.

If everything goes find, your Zune account should connect without a problem and your computer will still be normally localized to your country.

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